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IMPORTANT NOTE: Hallmark University will not be available April 1 – April 5, 2015

Beginning April 6th, 2015, Genesis Rehab Services employees who transitioned from Hallmark Rehab will access GRS-required trainings through GRS University. In preparation for migration to the new site, please make sure to review your course transcript:

1) Only history for courses marked as “Completed” or “Passed” will be migrated to your account on the new GRS University. Any courses listed as “Incomplete” or “Not started” will be dropped from your transcript. After the migration, only GRS-required trainings will be re-assigned on the new site. Additional information can be found on RehabCentral.

2) Be advised that your username will be updated to the GRS format in the next few weeks. If you attempt to log in and receive an error message, try the GRS username format: GRS+employee ID. Your password will not be changed until the migration has been completed.

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